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I'm Sophie

Firstly, I wanted to say welcome to BlogBiz Academy! I started blogging over four years ago now after returning from a six-month backpacking trip. It was then that I realised the corporate lifestyle wasn’t for me. I had dreams of being a full time travel blogger and working for myself, so got to work on my WordPress site. But, I have a confession to make, my first blog was a complete failure. I didn’t want to spend a penny, listened to scammy gurus and didn’t get a bean of traffic. The only readers were me and my Mum.   

Yep, I got everything wrong that could go wrong and I almost gave up. But, a year later, I decided to give this travel blogging thing another chance. The second time around, I grew my traffic to thousands every day, made passive income and blogging became my full time job within two years! It’s amazing but, looking back, I wish I had invested in myself and my blog earlier with reliable information that could put my blog in the right direction from the get-go. It would have saved me months if not years of time and eliminated any self-doubt. 

That's Why I Created BlogBiz Academy

My blogging journey has been far from perfect. But, I truly believe that making those fatal mistakes first time around allowed me to reflect and learn a lot about how to run a successful and profitable blog online. 

Now through BBA I want to share all those lessons with you so that you don’t make the same mistakes I did! Yep, I’m completely spilling the beans and revealing all my secrets.

I don’t believe in gatekeeping information or that blogging tips should be some classified document only reserved for insiders. Anyone (and I mean anyone) is capable of running a successful blog. You just have to work hard at it, have a proven strategy in place and remain consistent. You could even grow a profitable blog on auto-pilot and not touch social media if you don’t want too!

I am truly invested in your growth and am rooting for you to have a wildly successful online blogging business that makes you money while you sleep. That’s why I’m giving away lots of super helpful resources for you right here…

What You Can Expect on BBA

Here’s what you can expect if you become a member of the community. 

How the academy can help your blog grow

I value honesty and so I only provide the best and proven blogging strategies!

I won’t tell you how you make can hundreds of thousands of dollars and quit your job overnight. There are plenty of scam gurus in the world for that. But, what I will share are proven strategies that will help you gain blog traffic organically, grow your email list and how to make passive income – quickly and in a legitimate way. Even with a small blog and social media following! 

So, let’s get started… you can check out some of our very best blogging resources below. 

If you’re looking for more 1:1 support, I currently offer bespoke blogging services. These are 1-hour strategy video calls with personalised action checklists to follow.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    I’ve been blogging for just over four years now and it’s completely changed my life! I knew the 9-5 life wasn’t for me so blogging has helped me work for myself and take my business online!

    Yes! I’m extremely fortunate that I was able to make my blog a full time gig in two years. I make my income through multiple revenue streams. Such as ad networks, affiliate marketing, selling photography, sponsorships, collabs and services.

    Nope! I think it’s a common misconception that every travel blogger is a digital nomad that travels and works on the road. I personally choose to live at home and then take multiple trips throughout the year. I find if I’m constantly travelling, I have no time to create blog posts!

    Not at the moment. Personally, I like the articles on my blog to be in my voice. But, I’d like to  start making some interview type posts with other bloggers! So, if you’re interested in being interviewed on BBA along with some links to your blog/social networks, please get in touch here!

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