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Whether you want to work with BBA, collaborate, request a post/lesson or simply ask me a question – please use the contact form below and I’ll be in touch soon! Alternatively, you can contact me via my social media channels.

Important notice: BBA is not accepting guest posts at this time but we do interview bloggers on a regular basis. We also do not accept, under any circumstances, unpaid or paid link exchange requests as these breach guidelines. We run an honest biz. Your email will be ignored, marked as spam or automatically deleted. Thank you for your understanding. 

Frequently Asked Questions

No, not at this time. If this changes we’ll post that we’re accepting applications on the website! Any guest post requests will be ignored.

Rant warning: Absolutely not. BBA do not endorse or tolerate this.

The only time that the site provides backlinks is if an article or service will benefit our audience. Or, you are an awesome blogger being  interviewed. Then, you will receive some well deserved links your channels so our audience can find and celebrate you!

Although many big names in the SEO world suggest cold calling bloggers by emailing them out of the blue for backlink requests, this goes against many of Google’s guidelines. Paid or unpaid.

BBA also do not allow the posting of links in the post comments sections either. Mainly due to endless broken link admin.

It’s just not how things are done in the blogging community if you want to network and be legitimate. 

There are so many ways to honestly acquire backlinks and that is to write guest posts for other blogs and network!

When pitching, I recommend not copying and pasting one post title from their blog and sending a generic email that you’ve also sent to hundreds of bloggers.

You should find out about the person you want to write for. Email them by name, actually read their posts and pitch why you genuinely feel your work could benefit the site and its audience. 

If you don’t receive a reply, don’t follow up with 3-5 progressively aggressive emails! It’s just not happening. Mainly as it’s a shady practice that is unwanted, clogs up mailboxes and most bloggers just ignore them anyway!

Please do not send over copy and pasted blog posts and suggestions that have absolutely nothing to do with the website in question. i.e. don’t pitch your foot fungus blog posts to a travel blog (a genuine request I’ve received and tragic true story)! It has absolutely no relevance or benefit to that audience. 

If you’re really desperate to grow your DA, I would always suggest writing more useful content in your niche to grow your authority in that subject. Then people automatically WANT to provide you a backlink for that awesome content without you having to chase people. 

I wish you the best of luck but your cold backlink request to this particular site will be a waste of time as it will be automatically thrown in the trash.  

Thanks for coming to my Ted talk… 🙂

At the moment, BBA is in the early stages of planning interview posts/videos. 

But, in future, there will be a request page where you can submit your pitch! Thank you.

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That’s great as I want all of the resources here to be useful and of service to bloggers!

Please submit your request above in the contact form and select ‘I’d like to request a post/lesson’. We will then incorporate that into our content schedule!

Oh no, I’m so sorry to hear that!

Please feel free to contact me in the above form under ‘There’s been an issue…’ with details of what you signed up for.

Then, I’ll help you out as best I can! Thank you!

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