When it comes to starting a blog, finding your blog niche down is one of the most important things you can do.

Especially now, with millions of blogs being created in the world today!

Of course, you could blog about a variety of subjects if you want to run your blog as a hobby.

But, if you really want to drive traffic to your blog and make it profitable, it’s best to pick a specific subject or niche to establish an authority in. Plus, choose one that actually makes money!

This small but powerful blog post will (hopefully) help you to know how to find your blog niche in 5 easy steps while ensuring you create a blog you’re truly passionate about.

Because that’s the most important thing, isn’t it?

It’s the thing that will keep you creating. Because when you’re writing about something you love…it doesn’t feel like work.

As a bonus, I have a FREE cheatsheet you can download to follow this exercise at your own pace.

I could ramble on about how you can find your niche all day but doing this exercise yourself will help you so much faster.

Knowing who your ideal reader will be and what you should write about is such an important part of starting a profitable blog that many overlook.

This workbook will help you get ahead of the game, fast!

So, if you’re ready – let’s find out how you can find your blog niche today…

What you’ll learn in this post:

  • What is a niche
  • Why is a blog niche so important
  • A formula to find your blog niche
  • A download link for a FREE blog niche cheatsheet!

What is a niche?

A lot of people mention the word niche and throw it around a lot when it comes to marketing. 

But, I don’t really see people taking the time to explain what a niche is or why it’s particularly important. 

So, I thought I’d explain that here before we begin so we’re all on the same page.

A niche by dictionary definition means; 

‘a specialised segment of the market for a particular kind of product or service.’  or ‘Denoting products, services, or interests that appeal to a small, specialised section of the population.’

The key word here is specialised.

In plain speaking, when it comes to blogging, it means choosing a specialised subject matter that you are knowledgeable in that will help your blog stand out from the competition!

Why does your blog need a niche & why is it so important?

A lot of new bloggers make the mistake of starting a blog and writing about everything under the sun. 

They write a bit about their holiday, post a poem, maybe a diary post about their day or a review of a restaurant they liked. 

Don’t get me wrong, these sort of blogs aren’t necessarily bad if you’re running your blog as a hobby. Or, you simply want to share it with  family and friends.

But, if you’re really serious about starting a profitable blog from the get-go, generic personal posts are not a great way of getting readers to your blog. 

There are approximately 500 million blogs out there in the world today and approximately 1.7 billion websites in existence!

So, when it comes to your blog, niching down your subject matter is really important and it can make or break your blogging success. 

When your blog specialises in a certain subject, it can really help you stand out from the crowd and it’s easier to build authority in that particular niche.

This is simply as you’ll have more posts about it than anyone else!

People will come to your blog because they know they will find a post they are looking for in your chosen subject!

It’s like shops or restaurants. You go to Starbucks because they are known for good coffee and Subway for their amazing sandwiches. 

Ideally, you want your audience to think of your blog when it comes to your niche.

Another reason is that Google likes to know what your site is all about.

So, if you’re writing about a variety of things – it’s going to be harder for the search engine to know what you excel in and for it to send traffic your way!

An example of a travel blog niche

As a blogging example, let’s look at travel blogs. 

Although travel does seem like it would be a niche in itself, there are thousands of travel blogs out there in the world today. So, travel is actually more of a blogging category now.

Even solo female travel has endless competition. So, you’ll need to niche down even further to crack the niche code.

A niche for a travel blog nowadays could be a website about a particular city e.g. Edinburgh.

These sorts of sites allow you to narrow down your blog post content and you can become an authority on that city.

If you think about it, if you were planning a city break to Edinburgh, you’re more likely to read a guide book on the city of Edinburgh than a massive guide book on the UK. 

It’s the same with blogs. Your ideal audience member is more likely going to read your blog for their Edinburgh travel planning if you had a whole website on it. 

They’re also more likely to return to your blog for more information. They will want to sign up to your email list, share your post and even buy from your affiliate links or products as they trust your content and recommendations! 

This is the ideal outcome for attracting readers to your blog. 

Of course, you don’t want to be too specific when choosing a niche and you definitely don’t want to limit yourself by choosing too narrow a subject matter. 

You may find if you go too narrow, no one will be looking for that information and you’ll also run out of blog content ideas.

However, narrowing down your blog posts is really important in order to stand out from the crowd today. 

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Other blog niche examples

There are so many ways that you can narrow down your subject matter in order to build an authority in any given subject. Not just travel.

Here are some more examples of great blog niches in different categories:

  • Instead of general dieting, your blog niche could be Keto or Paleo
  • Instead of a baking, your niche could be Gluten Free bakes
  • Instead of gardening, your niche could be Bonsai

How having a blog niche can help you as a blogger

Choosing a blog niche can also help you in many other ways too; 

  • A niche can help you with your personal branding so you know how to present your blog
  • A niche will help you know who your ideal audience member is 
  • A niche can establish your big why when blogging so you remember why you started in the first place! 
  • A niche can help you with your freebie opt-ins and what digital products you could sell
  • And a niche can even help you name your blog 

Later down the line when your blog gets bigger and more well known, of course you can start to write about different things and even some personal posts too.

But, when starting out blogging, it’s good to stick to one niche and build on that for traffic.

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How to find your blog niche in 5 easy steps

So, you’re probably curious as to how you can find your ideal blog niche.

Well, this tiny but mighty exercise should help you out.

We’re going to be finding your blog niche in 5 easy steps.

Prefer to journal? Click here to download the FREE workbook!

1. Firstly, write down what you cannot stop talking about!

You most likely already know what you’re passionate about as those things are your interests and what set your heart on fire!

But, when it comes to blogging you’re trying to find an interest that you cannot stop talking about.

What are the things you love that you could discuss for hours?

On your blog, you’ll be writing about this potentially for years!

So, write a big list of them down!

After you have your list, try to narrow that down to around 3 interests.

You should then have a ‘sweet spot’. This could be your potential blog niche:

As an example, I’ve written down London, walking and travel. So, you could easily have a blog about walks in London!

Then, you’re targeting a reader who also loves walking routes and is travelling to the city.

2. Now, write down what you are best at helping people with

So, you’re really passionate about stuff and that’s awesome!

But, a lot of blogging is about being of service and helping your readers.

So, in this section, write down all your skills and how you help people.

Think about what your friends ask you questions about?

For example, do you give awesome travel tips? Or, do you have recipes to share? Are you awesome at budgeting or planning?

Showcase those skills in that list!

3. Cross them over

You should now have two lists of your passions and your skills! Perfect.

Next, you can cross reference them.

Can you match up any of your passions to your skills?

For example, you absolutely love cooking and especially making carb-free meals. People ask you all the time how you make such tasty and filling meals without carbs.

So, that passion and skill is a match.

You could start a blog to share those awesome carb-free recipes with your readers!

4. Now, let’s do some market research

So, now you probably have a pretty good idea on what your blog niche will be and how you can help your reader!

But, first we need to check it’s a profitable idea.

If you want to monetise, you have to make sure people are firstly looking for content in your niche AND ads are there – which means money.

So, make sure you perform the following exercise below. I’m going to use the London walks niche we found earlier:

Head to Google Trends

To find out if your blog niche is popular we need to perform some basic market research.

Head to Google Trends and input your niche.

How many people are looking for information on Google in your topic each month?

As an example, I’ve entered ‘walks near London’ as you can see it has consistent interest.

Plus, recently there has been a massive spike and it’s still trending – a great possible niche!

Look at search results in that niche

Next, let’s have a look on search results for your niche and see what your competition is like.

If there are ads at the top of the Google page that means there are companies willing to advertise products and services related to your niche.

That means there’s an audience there, so it’s profitable and popular.

Also, have a look at ‘related searches’, what other things are people looking for related to your niche?

You could incorporate these into your blog idea and even use those related searches to plan your first blog posts!

‘Secret London walks’ is an awesome one. People love getting their hands on juicy tips that ‘no one else knows’

Head to Pinterest Trends

Another great way to do market research is look at Pinterest Trends.

Type in your niche and have a look.

Is there a niche in your topic that’s super popular right now?

As an example ‘aesthetic London’ is crazy popular right now and is growing in popularity. Probably down to TikTok where aesthetics are the new thing!

This could be your niche or how you can incorporate trends into your London walks blog. e.g. ‘8 Gorgeous London walks to effortlessly find aesthetic London’!

5. Remember, it’s okay to change as you grow

Now, you may be worried about choosing a niche today and then having to stick it!

You may think it could limit your reach and you’ll run out of blog content ideas.

But, if you’ve researched your blog niche beforehand, you’re passionate enough about it and it’s popular with readers, you’ll have an endless amount of blog content to write!

However, it’s also important to know that you can change your niche at any time.

If it’s not working for you. You also want to analyse your blog content regularly and see what sort of posts are doing well.

If a certain type of content or topic is really popular on your site and your gaining traffic from that, create more!

That’s your audience giving you a sign. It’s what they want!

With blogging, it’s always important to go with the flow and adapt to what’s doing well.

You’ll eventually find your groove and you’ll grow!

Find your blog niche now with this FREE cheatsheet

So, now I have some homework for you. But, don’t worry, it’s a fun exercise. 

It’s now your turn to discover your blog niche with something I call the Niche Formula Worksheet!

You may have a good idea of your blog niche already but I would still recommend downloading and working through the worksheet.

It will help you by;

  • Finding out your passions
  • Discovering whether your niche is popular and profitable
  • Establish why you want to start a blog and your skills
  • Finding your ideal audience & their problems you can solve
  • Knowing it’s okay to change your niche later as your blog grows

This Niche Formula is also a great document to keep and refer to later on down the line in your blogging journey.

I hope you enjoy this powerful exercise. By the end of it, you’ll have gained a good idea on what your blog niche will be.

Sign up below to download the worksheet:

So, that’s how to find your blog niche

I hope this mini exercise was helpful.

To finish, I wanted to quickly say that it’s completely okay if you just want to start a blog because you want to write about a variety of your interests!

Just start your blog, get writing and see what’s popular with readers and then write more of that.

A blog niche is not the ‘be all and end all’ of blogging! It’s just a way to identify your ideal reader faster.

If you’re dedicated, you’ll make it a success.

You can always change things later down the line.

We’ve now successfully covered:

  • What is a blog niche
  • Why is a blog niche so important
  • A formula to find your blog niche
  • Download a FREE cheatsheet to find your blog niche!

Save how to find your blog niche for later: