Policy updated on 12th January 2021

Hi There, I’m Sophie Pearce, welcome to your full disclosure policy! 

As you’re here, I’m sure you’re curious to know a few things about my website;

  1. How I make money and what financial relationships I have with third parties
  2. How I store your data by visiting my website 

All valid questions which you have a right to know about and I will aim to answer below.

I believe that honesty is the best policy, always.

So, keep reading to find out how this site makes an income, stores your data and how this does (or does not) affect you.

As the owner, publisher, photographer, admin and jack of all trades of this website, I’m also the Data Protection Officer. So, if you have any questions you feel I haven’t answered, feel free to contact me here.

Disclosure Policy

This part will explain my financial relationships with third parties and how you will be kept informed.

ASA, CAP & CMA Disclosure

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP) and the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) would like me to inform you about any financial relationships I have with companies, tourism boards or brands. i.e. when these guys pay me!

They would also like me to inform you when I am gifted a product in exchange for a review and when I am sponsored by a tourism board/hotel for travel. This is because you, as a consumer of my blog, have a right to know. Fairs, Fair right?!

Below are a variety of ways that my blog makes money;

Affiliate Marketing

You should be aware that most of my articles contain affiliate links. What this means is, if you click on an affiliate link on my website, it will come with a tracking code.

If you purchase a product after clicking on my affiliate link, I will earn a small commission at no further cost to you. 

Above every blog post on my site I put a disclaimer that my post may contain affiliate links (with a link to this very disclosure policy). 

What companies do I have affiliates with (i.e. who pays me)?

Amazon Affiliates: I am part of the Amazon affiliate programme. Sometimes, I create packing lists and advertise travel products I think my followers will love. If you buy any product through this link. I will earn a small commission from Amazon. Cue, corporate paragraph…

BlogBiz Academy is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com.

ConvertKit: I am part of an affiliate programme with ConvertKit, a mailing list platform. Once you sign up to ConvertKit via my link I make a small commission at no further cost to you.

Mailerlite: I am part of an affiliate programme with Mailerlit, a mailing list platform. Once you sign up to Mailerlite via my link I make a small commission at no further cost to you.

Bluehost: I write articles for aspiring bloggers and Bluehost offers great entry level hosting. When you sign up with them, I gain a small commission. 

Siteground: Similar deal. I write articles for aspiring bloggers and Siteground offers great entry level hosting. When you sign up with them, I gain a small commission. 

BluChic: My website is made with BluChic. If you purchase one of their gorgeous themes by clicking on my link it will result in a small commission. 

Keysearch: I don’t think a day goes by where I don’t use Keysearch for my SEO research. If you purchase Keysearch via my link with YZOO, i’ll get a small commission. 

Elementor Pro: I love how easy Elementor is to use on websites. If you click on my link and buy a Pro package, I get some pennies at no further cost to you.

Canva Pro: Again, I use Canva almost daily and it’s what I used to create many of my graphics on this website. I love the Pro version as you get access to unlimited graphics and all sorts of animations. If you sign up with my link I made a small commission.

SendOwl: sundown is an awesome and cheap platform that allows you to sell your products easily. If you sign up with them I made a small commission.

ShareASale: I use the Tailwind App for Pinterest and sometimes I recommend them on my site. Signing up to Tailwind and purchasing their subscriptions through my affiliate link will result in a commission. 


Once you have purchased a product from my affiliate links, I, Sophie Pearce or the website BlogBiz Academy, is not liable or responsible for the product quality or satisfaction.

The support, review or return of that product must be progressed with the company in question. 

Privacy Policy – How this website stores and collects your information

Cookies (unfortunately, not the yummy kind!)

This site uses cookies – small text files that are placed on your machine to help the site provide a better user experience.

In general, cookies are used to retain user preferences, store information for things like shopping carts, and provide anonymised tracking data to third party applications like Google Analytics.

As a rule, cookies will make your browsing experience better. However, you may prefer to disable cookies on this site and on others.

The most effective way to do this is to disable cookies in your browser. We suggest consulting the Help section of your browser or taking a look at the About Cookies website which offers guidance for all modern browsers

You willingly provide the information in sign up forms (ConvertKit)

On this website there are various sign up forms that are connected with ConvertKit.

ConvertKit is a email collector service that allows me to store an email list. I collect these emails in one place so that I can send newsletters at the touch of a button and make sure no one is left out, including you!

These forms allow you to subscribe to my newsletter or access certain areas of my site. This information only includes your name and email address.

As part of this sign up process you are required to acknowledge how my site collects your information and that you are protected by GDPR.

This also means I am not allowed to share your information with any third parties. Even if there wasn’t a policy, I would never do this!

You will provide your name and email address in the sign up form and this information is stored in ConvertKit’s system.

You have a right to opt-out at any point. Please use the ‘Unsubscribe’ link in the email sent to you.


I use an app called Revive Old Posts that shares content from my website to my social page on Facebook. This app does not store your information but is a means to provide a way for me to share my content with you!

But, Facebook wants me to also let you know this just in case;

Facebook permissions asked by this Application

This Application may ask for some Facebook permissions allowing it to perform actions with the User’s Facebook account and to retrieve information, including Personal Data, from it. This service allows this Application to connect with the User’s account on the Facebook social network, provided by Facebook Inc.

For more information about the following permissions, refer to the Facebook permissions documentation and to the Facebook privacy policy.

The permissions asked are the following:

Basic information

By default, this includes certain User’s Data such as id, name, picture, gender, and their locale. Certain connections of the User, such as the Friends, are also available. If the User has made more of their Data public, more information will be available.

See the full Facebook App Policy here.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics tracks how you use my website. It provides information such as referring websites (where you found my page) and user actions you take on my Website (if you leave or click on another page). Google Analytics may capture your IP address with location, but no other personal information is captured by Google Analytics.

Sensitive Personal Information

At no time should you submit sensitive personal information to the Website.

This includes political opinions, information regarding race or ethnic origin, religious beliefs, your health, criminal background, or trade union memberships. If you elect to submit such information to us, it will be subject to this Privacy Policy.

Children’s Information

The Website does not knowingly collect any personally identifiable information from children under the age of 16. If a parent or guardian believes that the Website has personally identifiable information of a child under the age of 16 in its database, please contact us immediately at thirdeyetraveller.com and we will use our best efforts to promptly remove such information from our records.

Need any more information?

Congrats if you made it this far! I hope that all made sense and you feel a little more informed about how I get paid on this blog and how it stores your information.

Remember, you always have control of your data and whether you choose to purchase a product via my links!

If you feel that something hasn’t been covered or you’re not quite sure about something, feel free to contact me here.